Dear Men,

Good afternoon, ladies. hehe…

postingan kali ini hanya ingin mem-backup beberapa quotes yg saya bikin di @teensforever *sedikit ga penting ya? haha…

anw, these are some words from me ^^

  1. #Dearmen, When a GIRL says “I love you”, She means it.
  2. #Dearmen, SURPRISE HER. Do things that make her SMILE, make her LAUGH, and make her want to KISS you right on the face.
  3. #Dearmen, When shes sad or sick, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, even if shes not saying anything.
  4. #Dearmen, Leave her little unexpected notes.. on the car, or on her door, saying how much she means to you.
  5. #Dearmen, Call her even if its just to say hi. Call her back if she calls you.It means a lot to her
  6. #Dearmen, BE SPONTANEOUS!When she starts yelling at u,listen to her and remember why u upset her so next time you wont.
  7. #Dearmen, Write poems about her. Walk with her, even if its just around the block.
  8. #Dearmen, Take her to the library,playgrounds, and coffee shops. Tell her stupid jokes,Whatever it takes to make her laugh.
  9. #Dearmen, Tell her she looks BEAUTIFUL. Introduce her to your friends as “The most amazing girl I know”.
  10. #Dearmen, Hold her hand and walk. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand.
  11. #Dearmen, Tell her why you think she’s so amazing.Play with her hair.Talk to her in movie theatre.Snuggle & Hold her hand
  12. #Dearmen, When a GIRL answers “I’m fine”, She is not at all fine. She just wish her man could hug her for a while. It means a lot
  13. #Dearmen, When a GIRL is quiet, Millions of things are running in her mind. so, becareful!

Well, thats nothing, hehe. But enjoy some if you like it 😉

Have a great weekend, God bless 🙂


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