Friends, lovers, or nothing – John Mayer

Now that we are over
As the loving kind
We’ll be dreaming ways
To keep the good alive

Only when we want is not
A compromise
I’ll be pouring tears
Into your drying eyes

Friends, lovers, or nothing
There can only be one
Friends, lovers, or nothing
We’ll never be the in between
So give it up

You whisper “Come on over”
Cause your two drinks in
But in the morning I will say
Good-bye again

Think we’ll never fall into
The jealous game
The streets will flood
With blood of those who felt the same

No we’ll never the inbetween
So give it up

Anything other than ‘yes’ is ‘no’
Anything other than ‘stay’ is ‘go’
Anything less than ‘I love you’ is lying

PS :

lagi doyan2 nya sama lagu ini. realita sekali menurut gw, hehe. apalagi untuk yang gw bold.

kadang gw *masih akan selalu* aneh dengan orang2 yang memilih untuk ‘stay in between’, karena menurut gw pribadi, itu tidak bijaksana. well, they could say ‘love is talking’ in their case. but in mine, i still could only say…


mungkin pilihan kamu adalah gambaran diri kamu yang sebenarnya. setuju? entah itu dengan embel2 ‘terpaksa’ or apapun. alibi kadang tidak diperlukan untuk hal2 yang sudah jelas, teman.

maaf, bukan maksud untuk menyindir siapapun, hehe. ini lah pendapat saya tentang hal ini…

well, enjoy the song. a cool one from his cool voice :). I love, John Mayer, yeah! He’s rock my day! 😀


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