my 20 wishes list REVIEW.. hohoho

gudnite there!! how tou been doin? hehe

semoga ga bosen baca update kabar dari gw, so here it is.

i just wanna share this few things. my wishes list review. hahaha… tampak ga penting memang, but for me, it’s obvious important. i’m thanking to God, for all these beautiful and blessed life for all my age. check these all…

1. ini sudah jelas blm bs terlihat sekarang. this is future. so, for this, i’ll do my best.

2. this is kinda hard to see, hehe. wait for the update, would u? 😉

3. of course… not yet! 😦

4. this October my parents have to go there. Allah bless u, Mom and Dad…

5. it’s already done! yippyyyy!! 😀

6. hmm… i wait for the information and maybe invitation, LOL 😛

7. not yet, but soon. i’ll keep u posted, guys! 😀

8. i’m waiting for a friend or some? 😉

9. SOON!! i promise u.. 🙂

10.hmmm…. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!

11.DONE! thanks, Kuku >:D<

12.baru aja pagi ini ke4 novel ini sampai dengan surprise nya di koasan gw. i’m thanking to sumone. takecare there, To 🙂

13.hmmm… orang2 tersayang lebih banyak ada di nun jauh disana, hehe. but, at ‘that special nite’, sumone give me a very very special and i’ve been suprissed. hehe… thanks again, Kuku. it’s means a lot. u don’t know how i feel at that nite… well, then u know when u read this, hehe

14.YES,sure thing! and now i’m writing this review with this yummy cake. nyam nyam… seseorang harus bertanggung jawab untuk naiknya berat badan gw, haha. that’s him! u know who’s that guy i think, don’t you? 😉

15.NO! huhu… soon…

16.not yet. kinda hard. ouch!

17.Papaaaaapppp!! kutunggu janji mu ya, hoho 😉

18.i’m still working on it, hehe

19.yeah, look at number 12. LOL… i just have to wait 😛


well, finish? hehe… not yet. yang done masih 5, dan berarti 15 yg undone, hihi… patient dear… i still have my time, 1 year a head, and then i’ll make another wishes list, LOL

gudnite, dream well world 😉


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