gw br aja iseng ng-kilk situs seperti judul postingan gw itu tuh…

ini kaya semacam permainan untuk tau karakter lo, dianalogikan ke hewan, hehe… ikutin aja caranya dan liat hasilnya…

ini yg gw dapet…

” You are Black Tiger, who is healthy and lively woman.
Just being there, makes the atmosphere bright and cheerful.
Your sociable and kind personality makes you have lots of friends, and you are very popular.
Nevertheless, unlike your open attitude, you can be too serious and argumentative.
You possess both pure and very calculative mind.
But just as you look, you can adapt easily to circumstances, and would not do things that break the harmony of the group.
You don’t show your strain of grief, and can live life happily and cheerfully in any situation or difficulty.
Your strong mentality acts as one of your strength to make your ideals come true.
Because of this, you can be rather obstinate to stick to the plans you have made.
You have a brilliant mind and high intelligence and can make decisions logically and calmly.
Your attitudes and preferences seem to be straightforwardly huge, people may think you extravagant.
But although you seek extravagance in atmosphere, economically you are very thrifty.
You are suited to occupations like lawyers and police women, which can use your sense of justice to its maximum.
But you are very tough and can pour all your energy into anything you end up doing.
After marring, you will put your natural motherly instinct to bring up a warm family.
But your sociability keeps many people like you to carry on working. ”

Hmm…. masa sih? gw pikir gw sapi, hahaha 😀

well…try it too… and share with me 🙂


12 thoughts on “

  1. penasaran, jadinya aku buka dech…
    dan hasilnya adalah

    You are Gold Fawn, whose character is gentle and calm.
    You tend to talk slowly and there’s something warm about your atmosphere.
    Nevertheless, you have great fighting spirit within you, and you have great will power.
    It’s not too much to say that your will power is hidden under your intelligence and your personality.
    Your movements are slow, and you also tend to be rather slow in putting things into action.
    You also take other people’s opinion too seriously, and are sensitive to rumors.
    You try to avoid public criticism, by not using flashy expressions and fancy actions.
    You try to stick to social status, and are pure and conservative sort of person.
    You dislike new changes, and prefer to carry on steadily in a safe environment.
    You think high of atmosphere than practicality.
    If you make your decisions only on your preferences, people may think you as a moody person.
    You are obsessed about cleanliness, and can be difficult, but you are really a kind person.
    You have good fortune, and your personal interest may turn into your occupation, or get as busy as your regular business.
    Therefore your interest develops into something that can be profitable.
    Although you yourself are modest, people around you may get heated up, and make you a leader.
    What you have done to others will be returned by double or more.
    After getting married, you will have good fortune with children, and will be able to lead a steady old age.

    ps:tolong translate in dunks,hahahhah

  2. hehe…eric adalah peserta pertama, hahaha…
    well… emang sih, ‘you have great fighting spirit within you, and you have great will power.’

    lo dibilang moody tur Ric, hihi…:P

  3. nich orang bikin orang nyoba juga nich

    nich dia hasilnya

    You are Red Koala who is cheerful and happy person.
    You are friendly to every one, but at the same time, you are a person who doesn’t want to lose, and are strong person.
    You also have a very emotional side, and can not turn down favors.
    You act like a big sister to every body.
    You are a type of person who takes things too seriously.
    You can get heated up on something, yet can quickly lose interest.
    You are very sensitive to trends, but have a tendency not being able to use that advantage.
    You are very passionate and emotional person.
    You have lots of likes and dislikes.
    You tend to act on emotional spur than by reason, and can be very nervous.
    You also worry great deal, and therefore sometimes end up not being able to exhibit your talent.
    You have natural instinct, and are good negotiator.
    You will say things in straight forward manner, and although you tend to be a rational person, people often misunderstand you as being selfish.
    This is because your ideas cover too wide aspect, and do not know where to stop.
    To use this unique talent, you should find someone who is wise enough to understand and realize you.
    He will lead you and draw out your talent to its greatest.
    You should always try to train mentally and physically.
    If you can make use of your personal interest, you may find a side of yourself, you didn’t realize before.
    After marriage, you will keep the house secure for your husband, and at the same time keep your own career.

    ps: sama nich kaya eric, translate dong

  4. yeah…Linda peserta ke2 (hahaha…apaan sih gw)
    well…panjang dong kalo di translete disini, Lin 😛

    paling gw kasih tau intinya aja ya…
    lo dibilang : periang, menyenangkan, ramah, bs menjadi saudara buat syapa aja, terlalu serius dlm menyikapi sesuatu, ….
    wah, lo dibilang emosional tuh, hehe. dan… katanya walaupun lo mencoba menjadi rasional, orang2 malah menganggap (or mungkin salah sangka) lo adalah orang yg egois…
    yg ini ‘After marriage, you will keep the house secure for your husband, and at the same time keep your own career.’…. hebat lo, hihi… 😀

    hmm….namanya jg maen2, ambil hikmahnya aja kalopun bener 😀

  5. hahahahahaha

    duh emosional yach gw

    iya juga sich kadang2 amarah gw ga terbendung bu………

    mampir ke blog gw dong,

    tapi comment yg sama yg ama judul ini ga lucu juga hahahahhah

  6. krn gw lupa bwt masukin diblog lo kmrn alhasil jadilah gw peserta ke-3 :P. OK ini dia resultnya :

    You are Gold Lion, who is rather serious and polite type of person.
    You value personal relationships.
    You suppress yourself and act to be a sociable person.
    But you are really a person who doesn’t like to loose to anyone.
    You dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude.
    You want to make everything clear-cut.
    You like to stay in your own little world.
    If you get in a situation where there are lots of people you can not express yourself and act as a perfect person.
    You are not very subjective sort of person, unlike ordinary women, but unfortunately you lack soft and gentle atmosphere.
    You tend to be too bold.
    You cannot help but stretch your hand to those who are in need.
    You are very kind person who helps the weak.
    You are also weak on compliments, and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.
    You will go about your duty steadily and loyally, and not get in a rush to achieve the objective.
    You have perseverance, and will work effortlessly until you reach your objective.
    Something that you have worked steadily for a long, long time, will turn out to be an asset to the world.
    You are careful and rational, and therefore place value to steady life.
    After getting married, you will be a devoted mother and a wife, but you are really a very dependent person, and prefer to keep your own little world.

  7. hahahaha si nene ikutan comment juga nich

    wah ne, maksa orang buat analisi

    ga boleh tuh, pemaksaan

  8. sabar dong, darling…
    ni baru sempet cek gw 🙂

    hmm…kok menurut gw, ini karakter bukan lo banget ya? hehe
    menurut lo gimana?
    gw yakin lo ngerti lah, ga usah gw jelasin, hihi

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